Jakarta, March 24th, 2020

The development of technology has almost affected all aspects of human life, especially the internet has been very helpful for humans in carrying out their activities whenever and from wherever. Today’s world is where dimensions cannot be separated from the influence of technology, the existence of technology has changed and made enormous contributions in all human activities.

It has also gradually influenced the teaching and learning process in the professional realm. If in the past the training process has used conventional face-to-face method, as the internet has advanced nowadays the knowledge transfer can be carried out online from anywhere in the globe.

VHP Software – as one leading provider and pioneer in Hotel Technology solutions understands that the learning and training process is a key factor to maximize the use of the system. Thus several options are provided to the users to get skilled and practice the application. Besides of the conventional onsite training, the VHP Software Online Training service has been introduced to the hotel industry for some time now. Many properties have already taken advantage of the VHP Online Courses. In midst of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic where physical contact is to be avoided and many companies have been implemented work-from-home, the VHP Online-Training service surely stands for a win-win solution for all parties.

A few advantages of VHP Software online training that showcase how it becomes such a valuable tool:

  • Mobility: The user can take advantage of VHP Online Courses from anywhere place that has internet connection.
  • Cost Efficiency: No transportation, accommodation cost and lower training fees
  • Time Saver: No need to travel
  • Interactive: The VHP Online Training is lead by our highly experienced trainers implementing interactive learning and simulation sessions
  • Avoid spread of the current Covid-19 pandemic by avoiding physical human contact


Many hotels also face the Corona Virus situation as opportunity to invest into building renovation and human resources improvement while occupancy hits low level. Thus  VHP Software Team is ready to support its hotel customers whenever in need.