Hotel Information Technology Association (HITA) Jakarta and West Java held a collaborative event on Saturday, 10 June 2023 at the Aloft TB Simatupang Hotel, South Jakarta.

The event with the theme “Empowering Techvolution for a Better Tomorrow” also attended by representatives from all HITA chapters throughout Indonesia held various presentations, booth visits, and door prizes.

The agenda for this activity focuses on product & knowledge sharing with various technology partners as well as holding the election of the Chairman of HITA Indonesia for the 2023-2025 period.

Mr. Andy Aries as former Chairman of HITA Indonesia for the 2021-2023 period in his remarks hopes that through this theme, HITA will evolve to be better in the future.

Mr. Doni Irawan as the Chief of Events also thanked all partners who had helped run the HITA Jakarta & West Java and hoped that HITA in the future would be better by not looking at HITA as just a community.

Based on the results of the voting that was carried out at the end of the event, Mr. Faisal Amir was officially elected as Chairman of HITA Indonesia for the 2023-2025 period.

Mrs Marcelyn (Head of Business Development) with Mr Faisal Amir (Chairman HITA Indonesia 2023-2025)
Mrs. Marcelyn (Head of Business Development – Jakarta) with Mr. Faisal Amir (Chairman HITA Indonesia 2023-2025)

We hope that the election of HITA chairman for the latest term can provide strong leadership, clear vision, and high commitment to advance the hotel and tourism industry in Indonesia and deliver positive results and have a significant impact on this industry.

As a hotel software Indonesia that focuses on the hospitality industry, PT. Supranusa Sindata is committed to developing and improving PMS (Property Management System) technology through VHP Software products according to the needs and latest developments in the hospitality industry.

Collaborating with various types of hotels from different segments to understand the challenges faced by this industry and present innovative solutions through VHP PMS to optimize hotel operations and maximize revenue.

Piagam HITA Indonesia

By participating in this momentum, PT. Supranusa Sindata shows its commitment to continue to support the hospitality industry in adopting effective information technology and presenting solutions that help hotels manage their operations better.