Ubud, Bali – May 11, 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed various aspects of company operations in almost all sectors. While the world is trying to overcome the pandemic, businesses still need to keep going to ensure the company’s survival. On the consumer side, they have drastically switched to various online channels due to limited space and access.

Now, after passing through the Covid-19 pandemic era, three hospitality technology expert companies, namely VHP, KAI, and Hotel Link, have collaborated to present a seminar entitled how technology can be utilized to trigger the growth of the hospitality industry in the post-Covid-19 Era.

The event was held on May 11 2023 and was located in Tejaprana Bisma, Bali, and was attended by dozens of participants and hotel management from the Ubud area, Gianyar – Bali.

Various new technological innovations were introduced by VHP, KAI, and Hotel Link at the event which each hotel can use to determine the best strategy for maximizing revenue and upselling through PMS, Online Distribution and Guest Concierge which are connected and synchronized.


As a Channel Manager or Online Distribution System, Hotel Link helps to connect OTA (Online Travel Agent) networks, wholesalers, etc. to the PMS Hotel system so that prices and room availability are always updated. Reservations that enter through the online channel are also automatically imported into the PMS Hotel reservation system so there is no need to do it manually.

VHP Software as the leading PMS system in Indonesia presents a variety of the latest innovative features that provide convenience and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of hotel operations—represented by Mr. Yohanes Endricho and Mr. Hery Tanaya from Business Development Team – PT. Supranusa Sindata (Bali), the VHP Software team introduced the latest generation of PMS, namely VHPCloud. This includes other features and products such as VHP BI (Business Intelligence) which facilitates reporting and analysis of hotel data and VHP Cashless Payment which allows guests to make non-cash payments in all hotel revenue centers.

Meanwhile, KAI as a Mobile Guest Concierge provider provides the best tools to improve the guest experience and hotel revenue through personalized upselling. Integrated with VHP PMS, the entire transaction process becomes seamless.

This collaborative event is expected to provide insight to hoteliers on the latest technology that can be maximized by the hospitality industry to grow in the post-Covid-19 pandemic.