5 May 2023 – Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association (IHGMA) DPD Bali, held the second Regional Conference (MUSDA).

This event was held at Prama Sanur Beach Hotel which was attended by all members of IHGMA DPD Bali, along with other tourism stakeholders on the island of Bali.

Musda Committee Chairman II Ayu Manik (General Manager of J4 Hotel Legian) said that this time Musda has the theme “Reshaping the Future Through Sustainability Leadership”. By carrying out this theme, it is hoped that problems related to sustainability will be resolved more quickly if the leader has implemented the concept of sustainability. This activity was also carried out as an association’s mandate to elect chairmen for the 2023-2026 period, according to the Statutes and Bylaws (AD/ART).

The start of this event was marked by the beating of the gong, accompanied by the Head of the Bali Province Tourism Office (Kadispar) Cokorda Bagus Pemayun and General Chairperson of the IHGMA DPP Gede Arya Pering Arimbawa, Deputy Governor (Wagub) of Bali Province Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Cok Ace) opened the Regional Conference (Musda) II – IHGMA DPD Bali.

On the occasion of the IHGMA event this time the results of the trial also decided and determined Dr. Yoga Iswara., BBA., BBM., MM., CHA was re-elected as Chair of the IHGMA DPD Bali for the 2023-2026 period. Musda II activities were also coupled with exhibitions of products and services related to the tourism industry.

Mr. Rangga Setyawan Head of Business Development PT Supranusa Sindata – Bali with the Head of IHGMA DPD Bali for the 2023-2026 period Mr. Dr. Yoga Iswara., BBA., BBM., MM., CHA

PT. Supranusa Sindata  (VHP Software) a leading technology company in the tourism sector was also present among 18 other vendors. On this occasion the representative team from PT. Supranusa Sindata presents a demo booth presenting various latest innovations such as the VHP Cloud System which is the latest generation of cloud-based VHP PMS and can be immediately tried by all booth visitors.

VHP Software Booth at IHGMA DPD Bali

Mr. Oki Arisasmita as Business Development Executive of PT. Supranusa Sindata – Bali presented presentation materials regarding the latest products, namely VHP Self Service Technology VHP Cloud PMS. Whereas the mainstay of hospitality software for hoteliers, it cannot be denied that the world of tourism and hospitality can gain large benefits and cost efficiencies through a cloud-based system, so more and more properties are migrating to this technology.

Presentation of VHP Self Service Technology & VHP Cloud PMS by Mr. Oki Arisasmita

Through this grand Musda event, it is hoped that IHGMA Bali will have a vision and mission that can further strengthen tourism with local talents so that they can mutually strengthen tourism growth in Bali and throughout Indonesia.