Bali, 28 November 2022

PT Supranusa Sindata (VHP Software) again carried out CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities at Sakinah Orphanage, Bali on November 25, 2022. This social activity was carried out in line with the momentum of World Children’s Day which fell on November 20, 2022.


Sakinah Orphanage is located on Jalan Pala XIV Gg.Blukus Fish No.1 Sesetan, South Denpasar, Bali.This orphanage was established in 2000 and was founded by Mrs. Catur Handayani.

Currently, there are a total of 26 orphans living in the Sakinah Orphanage with an age range of 5-10 years.In addition, Sakinah Orphanage also helps poor children with a total of about 175 children.

Currently, Sakinah Orphanage has 9 administrators, 1 Ustad, namely Ustad Fadholi and 8 other people are children who were formerly foster children of the orphanage.

This orphanage was originally established for children who are experiencing economic difficulties.The founders wanted the children to have proper shelter and education for their future.

Mrs. Catur as the founder of the orphanage sells basic necessities and food as a source of income to meet the needs of the orphanage.This is because the orphanage does not have a permanent donator and the orphanage house is still under contract.

The orphaned children will be sent to school until they graduate from elementary school and after that they will continue to study at Islamic boarding schools where the costs will be borne by the cottage owner or donators.

In the morning the children are required to go to school.After school, the children’s activities are continued with regular daily recitations starting at 15.00 WITA.

This CSR activity was filled with several performances from the orphanage children and had lunch together with representatives of PT Supranusa Sindata and all administrators and children in the orphanage.

Donations that given by PT Supranusa Sindata in the form of cash and food staples.

About PT Supranusa Sindata

Supranusa Sindata is an Information Technology provider company that specifically serves the Hospitality industry.Founded in 1990 by two software experts with work experience at IBM and Hewlett Packard Corporation in Germany.

Through the technology solution created, Visual Hotel Program (VHP Software) as one of the leading hotel management systems in Indonesia, PT.Supranusa Sindata is headquartered in Jakarta with branches and representatives in Bali, Yogyakarta, Solo, Surabaya, and Balikpapan and has been trusted by more than 2,000+ customers spread across various regions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and China.