Bali, 6 October 2022 – As a leading hospitality software provider in Indonesia, PT Supranusa Sindata (VHP Software) held a Partners Gathering event on October 6 in Bali the center of Indonesian tourism.

At this event, hospitality technology companies, namely VHP, STR, and were represented by their expert speakers sharing their insights.

Attended by 100+ hotelier guests in the Bali area with the theme “Optimizing Data & Technology to Optimize Your Business Revenue.” Located at Maya Sanur Resort, Bali.

VHP Software represented by Mr. Hery Tanaya (Business Development Executive) shared product insights about VHP Cloud – the latest generation cloud-based PMS that has been launched in various hotel properties in Indonesia.

VHP Cloud presentation by Mr. Hery Tanaya


VHP Cloud has a system that only requires internet connectivity and can be accessed through any device, anywhere, and anytime.

However, this latest application provides high accessibility and flexibility, saving costs and time while increasing operational efficiency and guest services.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Niken from the e-1Booking team explained the renewal of the e-1Booking, Channel Manager, and Booking Engine features so that the room booking process is more user-friendly and the hotel can manage online room sales more efficiently and maximize revenue.

STR Global which is engaged in data intelligence benchmarking, represented by Mrs. Veranika Maidangkay (Business Development Manager) explained what revenue data is and how confidential data can help clients with the sustainability of the hospitality business (influence clients to develop strategies in a market). Significantly since the pandemic, of course, many things will affect the data results.

Likewise, was represented by Mr. Dani Purwanto (Senior Market Manager) & Mr. Rajasa Hadisoemarto (Area Manager of East Indonesia) who presented how to promote the business to customers and at the same time discussed various new products that will soon be launched.

Therefore, through this event, VHP Software, STR Global, and hope to help revive the hospitality business which has been hampered for the past 2 years.