Yogyakarta, 16th September 2019


VHP Software as a leading Hotel Software Solution in Indonesia partnered with IZY Mobile Concierge Solution and STR Global, having hold an exclusive seminar: “Maximize Revenue Thru Powerful Data Insight and Redefined Guest Experience”. The event took place on September 16th, 2019 at Eastparc Hotel, Yogyakarta and involving almost 100 hotels professionals from Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang area.

This event was held a respond of the industry’s growing expectations and needs on more detailed data insight on the hotel market and –competition to make accurate decisions as well as elevating the hotel guest’s experience while maximizing revenue.

“STR Global is committed to help the hotel industry especially in providing data covering current market conditions and issues that are very related to today’s event. Our partnership and integration with VHP Software will become an additional value and benefit to the hotels” Ms. Veranica Maidangkay (STR Global Indonesia Representative) stated.

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Yie, Business Development Director of VHP Software commented, “We were delighted to hold this seminar at Yogyakarta, which is one of the attractive region with increasing hospitality business in Indonesia – therefore it’s was great to discuss with the hoteliers about newest innovations and availability on accurate data.”

Another VHP Software partner – IZY Mobile Concierge Solution – provides a digital platform that simplifies interactions and relationship between hotels and its guest through mobile application. Using IZY Mobile Concierge, the guest can place an instant order for room service, reserve table at the hotel’s restaurant, book a Spa appointment, information on the hotel’s facilities and –surroundings. On the other hand, the hotel can define at push various and customized promotions to boost its sales. The seamless integration with VHP Software enables an automated process, so that guest account at IZY will be automatically activated or deactivated when guest check-in / –out.

Mr. Gustaf Loho – CBDO of IZY commented, “The collaboration between IZY x VHP software as the leading Hotel Management System in Indonesia has brought a new solution to the hotel industry to engage closer with their guests, providing better service and improve guest experience while achieving higher revenue. We believe that this solution will have an enormous impact on the hotel business.”


About IZY
Founded in 2018, IZY Mobile Concierge is set to digitalize hospitality industry. IZY elevates guest stay experience to a new height as well as connecting guests with hotel’s services and offers, in order to maximize revenues and engagement for hotels.

About STR Global
STR was founded in 1985 and provides premiun data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insight for global hospitality sectors. The company has grown to 15 countries with headquarter in London, England and Asia Pacific’s in Singapore. Now, STR processes, analyzes, and reportts on data from 63,000 hotels representing 8.4 million rooms in 180 countries around the world.