Bali – Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Recently PT. Supranusa Sindata (VHP Software Systems) has hosting a Users Sharing Event with numerous Hotel IT Managers in Bali. Invited were more than 100 hotel customers based in Bali Bali surrounding. The event was held on Saturday, July 21st, 2018 at Harris Hotel Sunset Road, opened by Mr. Santo as VHP Software Branch Manager – Bali area.

“We’ve been almost 20 years serving the hospitality industry and common issues reported to us are related to infrastructure such as hardware, networking, electricity as well as technical know-how. We believe that any software system needs to be supported by a good IT-environment to ensure highest software performance and up-time. Hence we hope that this sharing session helps our customers on their daily IT-maintenance work and minimize technical issues” commented Mr. Santo.

The first presentation session was held by Mr. Rangga (VHP Software Business Development) sharing new VHP Software products and features such as newest VHPmobile Applications and e1-Booking Channel Manager.

Besides VHP Software Systems, the event was also supported by several infrastructure partners who shared knowledge of their respective field:

  • ARUBA (Networking)
  • Centrin Online (CHS, Fibaro, FTTX, Centrin Services)
  • TECSO (Hardware Maintenance)
  • Metro Data Synnex (Server UPS, Data Security)
  • Pratama Ciptasarana (Electricity)
  • Robustel (Multi Line Modem)

Mr. Awie from Pratama Ciptasarana, an IT Computer Company based in Bali shared his vision in regards of the event, “I believe that such knowledge sharing session where the end-user can interact directly with several IT-experts is very fruitful. We hope to gather again at future VHP Software event to continue our service to the hospitality industry”.