• VHP Mobile Check-In

  • VHP Mobile Check-In allows the hotel staffs to check-in guests from virtually any location without any queue, increasing the service quality by enhancing personalization and communication with the guests.
  • VHP Mobile POS

  • As an extension of the VHP Restaurant module, the VHP Mobile POS is designed to simplify the order taking process while being on-the-go. The user can easily find an empty table for the guests, create new orders, store and send the order details directly into the kitchen from the tablet.
  • VHP Mobile Housekeeper

  • The VHP Mobile Housekeeper is designed to help alleviate Housekeeping staffs tasks and to speed up the work process. Functions such as changing room status, room queue, Minibar posting, lost & found, tasks sheets, performance reporting etc. can be operated, viewed and allocated on real time basis from mobile device.
  • VHP Mobile iDashboard

  • The VHP Mobile iDashboard is a powerful platform that allows the hotel’s managerial level and/or owners to identify trends, monitor the hotel’s performance and track sales at–a-glance from their mobile device.
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