As part of our continuous efforts to provide excellent support for customers, we offer a complimentary Training session for hoteliers discussing on best practices on the VHP Software Solution.

The upcoming webinar course is especially designed for Chief Accountants, Bookkeepers, Financial Controllers, Purchasing Managers etc. using VHP Software at their property and want to strengthen their know-how on the Purchasing Module and Inventory Receiving operation.

Highlight topics which will be explained by our senior VHP trainer as follows:


  1. Purchase Request (PR)
    1. Create PR (From all departments)
    2. PR Approval
    3. Reprint, Modify, & Delete PR
    4. Move PR to PO
  2. Purchase Order (PO)
    1. Create PO
    2. PO Approval and Release PO
    3. Reprint, Modify, & Delete PO
    4. Stock Receiving by PO
  3. Daily Market List (DML)
    1. Add Inventory Article to DML
    2. Create DML
    3. DML Approval
    4. Reprint, Modify & Copy DML
    5. Move DML to PR & PO
    6. Stock Receiving by DML

We will also have an extensive Q&A session to answer your concerns directly. And as per usual we will host our famous Quiz Time for your chance to win some exciting prizes.


This time we will also have an exclusive session from our partner, Duopomelo.ID – a B2B e-procurement platform specializing on the Hotel, Restaurant, Café (Horeca) industry which is now integrated with VHP Software. The seamless connection between VHP and Duopomelo.ID enables Hotel / Restaurant or Café operators to optimize their e-procurement operations as well as extend their Suppliers network, get competitive pricing and transact securely.

Join our next complimentary webinar to get those answers and to enhance your know-how to optimize your day-to-day hotel operation using VHP Software.


Date time: October 26th, 2023 at 1.30 PM, Jakarta Time

Register now to join the workshop as space is limited.