Jakarta, 11 May 2023

PHM Hotels is again holding the HFIT Conference, which takes place on 10 – 13 May 2023 at The 1O1 Urban Jakarta Thamrin with the theme “Recover Faster, Grow Sustainably”.

PT. SUPRANUSA SINDATA (VHP Software) as a dedicated Property Management System (PMS) Partner from PHM Hotels was invited as a technology speaker with the topic of discussing PMS based on cloud technology which is more modern and efficient and its migration process from conventional technology using local servers that are hosted online. premise.

The VHP SOFTWARE team on this occasion was represented by Mrs. Marcelyn (Head of Business Development – Jakarta), Mr. Mario Teguh Lugito (Technical Support Manager), and Mr. Beny Rusandy (Account Executive).

VHP Software Jakarta Team with PHM Hotels
VHP Software Jakarta Team with PHM Hotels

Apart from discussing cloud-based PMS, the VHP SOFTWARE team also had the opportunity to discuss the topic of Auditing and product updates from VHP SOFTWARE with an audience from Finance, IT, and Corporate Management of PHM Hotels. Then the discussion with the PHM Hotels IT team focused on technical matters regarding the procedure for migrating to the VHP Cloud platform, including the timeline, technical requirements, and benefits obtained if you have switched to a cloud-based VHP.

In general, the scheme of moving to the VHP Cloud Platform is relatively easy to do – and can even be processed online without the physical presence of a VHP SOFTWARE technician.

PT. SUPRANUSA SINDATA and PHM Hotels believe that the switch to PMS based on cloud technology is the right step in the context of achieving the theme “Recover Faster, Grow Sustainably” that this event carries.