Jakarta, 12 Oktober 2022 – PT. Supranusa Sindata (VHP Software) participated in a webinar held on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, entitled “New Horizons: Navigating a Changing Economy and Responding to tech-enabled travellers in Indonesia”. Guided by Erlika Desrina – SiteMinder’s Senior Business Development Manager and presenting 2 other speakers, Mr. Maha Usadha Agus – Vice Chairman at Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Mrs Marcelyn Sunarjo – Head of Business Development PT. Supranusa Sindata (VHP Software).

SiteMinder conducted surveys in several markets, namely Australia, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Thailand, UK, USA.

siteminder webinar_VHP Software_2022

Various important data that have already been obtained can be the basis for hoteliers in determining strategies for current and future tourists.

The survey concluded that in the tourism sector, 85% of Indonesians say they are happier when preparing travel plans and around 70% of Indonesians say it affects their mental health.

Vice Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, Mr Maha Usadha Agus said,

“Today’s conditions are like this – even though the tickets are high, the demand for traveling is relatively high, especially for us, visas are easy to get out and in.But the main thing is that our tourists are 90% mentally ready”

The survey also yielded 5 trends that influence people before they decide to travel.


1. Macro Tourism Trend

The first is the Macro Tourism Trend. The impetus for travel is stronger than rising inflation.

Despite the economic obstacles that impact several industrial sectors, the destination of the trip will not change. According to survey results in 2019, before the pandemic hotel bookings were recorded at 97% globally.

2. Digital Influence Trend

Social media has a big influence on this trend and of course, every tourist who wants to travel is accustomed to seeing hotel activities or places they want to visit via the internet.

“74% of Indonesian travellers are “influenced” or “highly influenced” by social media above the global average of 43%”

Head Of Business Development PT. Supranusa Sindata (VHP Software) – Mrs Marcelyn Sunarjo said,

“Social media is very influential on reviews.Instagram and Tiktok currently have a major role in the activities of an industry, including hotels, to give a first impression to customers, because their promotions are shorter than Youtube.”

Even this trend of digital influence proves that people are easily open to receiving promotions from hotels.

3. The Bleisure Trend

In this trend, travellers expect the little things that hotels provide that encourage hotels to feel at home.

Gen Z and guests living in urban areas are the most likely to take vacations while working.

The needs of tourists who work are different from those who do not work. Includes choosing hotel rooms and prioritizing them as works of art.This latest trend is especially true for Gen Z as they may already have broader travel plans that affect their standards.

4. Trust Trend

Trust is the most important thing, including for critical tourists.For travellers who are critical of hotel reviews influencing their travel decisions.

Consumers in this trend prefer to make transactions online, even according to research, Indonesians prefer to pay online, which makes it easier for them.

5. Human Relationship Trend

Although Indonesians prefer online bookings, they still need the presence of hotel staff who can help them during the check-in process.

Therefore, it’s necessary to develop hotel staff in order to meet customer needs.

Based on the results of the survey above, it is important to understand the needs of tourists.Every year, there will be changes in their interests.